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Celeste (Stiletto Gear's Owner)
Celeste, Stiletto Gear's proud Army Wife owner!

Stiletto Gear is a fashion boutique designed especially for military families.

We got our start when a soldier's wife with a graphic design hobby got tired of looking through the same old cheesy t-shirts, trying to find a high-quality piece of clothing that she would be proud to wear out on the town...something that even the non-military world could appreciate as stylish!

Stiletto Gear believes you should be proud to show your military affiliation...and you should be able to do it in style.

We strive for a simple, modern look, using the emblematic images of each service to create designs that are proud...AND fashionable! The designs on the site are just the first of many. Check back soon for more designs and different styles, or join our mailing list and we'll let you know when new stuff is available! Become a fan of Stiletto Gear on Facebook, and you can leave us feedback on new designs before they even hit the website!


Stiletto Gear doesn't have any retail locations yet, but we're technically "based" currently out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. We also sometimes sell tees at the BX on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, NM. If you live around either place, and you have ideas for events or locations where we can sell some t-shirts, please let us know!

About Our T-shirts

All of our clothing combines fashionable form with high-quality materials...and it's all proudly manufactured and printed in the USA! To read more about each type of shirt, click here.

Wholesale Inquiries

If you're a retailer interested in selling our clothing, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us at

Press Inquiries

For press inquiries, please email Celeste and ask for our Company Profile.

Investment Opportunities

Love our concept and want to help us build our inventory (and our business)? Invest in military fashion! Shoot Celeste an email (or even a good old-fashioned phone call at 505.236.4032)...we're a new business and looking for some solid partnerships!

Stiletto Gear respects ALL servicemembers and their families: A note for female servicemembers.

We know that right now our site is heavily-dominated with apparel for "wives," and that leaves out an important segment of the military...namely, female servicemembers and their husbands, who deserve just as much respect as the guys!! As we're a brand new company, and we're not rolling in money yet, we simply had to "start somewhere," and we're basically going by the numbers. According to DOD, 92% of military spouses are female. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't honor the 8% who are male... it just means, well, cut us a little slack while we're going through our "growing pains"! We're working on getting out more "generic" gear (i.e., stuff that just says "Army" rather than "Army Wife"), and we're also working on getting out some guys' gear... it just takes time! For now, we have a few generic tees (the Air Force Winged Star designs, as well as the Army Star design), and of course, all of our "military brat" tees apply just as equally to kids of female servicemembers! We want all female servicemembers to know how much we appreciate their service... please just have patience, and we'll show you with t-shirts!

Also, if you are a female servicemember or the husband of one, we'd love your ideas about what kinds of tees you'd most like (do husbands want "Army Husband" shirts? Or would they prefer a guy shirt that just says "Army"? do female servicemembers want a girly shirt that says "Soldier" or "Marine"?)...let us know either on Facebook, or by email!

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